Sunday, 2 March 2014


How do you handle negative or hate from people? It hurts until it doesn't, don't let words get you. Be numb to it. 
Not all people gonna like you, it's life. If they hurt you, forget them. If they apologized for it, forgive them. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, remember? It's okay to get rid of toxic people. It's okay to put yourself first. It's never selfish. because you deserve it.
I've learned in life, that never depend your happiness on someone else. never put your happiness on someone's hand. They drop it, they drop it every time. 
It doesn't matter if you are single for decades, the right one will come soon, if it's meant to be it will. You don't need someone to prove your worth, you don't need someone to feel complete. You are whole. 
"To love is to let go" They said will you fight for the one you love or you let them go? If it's for their happiness, let them go. Sometimes that is never meant yours. 
It's okay to be painfully honest, it's okay to tell someone you like them, it's okay to tell them you miss them, it's okay to compliment someone without coming off as desperate, you might make their day.
Your scars are still new, but eventually you will get better.

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